About Us

Paalam - connecting art, artists and art lovers

Paalam, as the name signifies, is an art forum that has been launched with a view to create a bridge between fine arts, artists and art lovers. Founded by Mudhra Bhaskar and Dr.Radha Bhaskar, who have over two decades of experience as musicians and cultural organizers, Paalam aims at spreading art and cultural awareness through organizing educative programmes pertaining to all fine art forms.

Apart from various objectives like conducting seminars, workshops and lecture-demonstrations for creating awareness about the nuances of various art forms, conducting Music Appreciation workshops, organizing music workshops in schools and colleges, organising innovative, novel and thematic concerts, conducting info-quiz on fine arts in schools and colleges, recognizing outstanding talent in the field of fine arts and giving them awards, providing merit scholarship for deserving students in fine arts and also financial assistance for needy students to pursue their education in fine arts, to promote research activities in fine arts, to create an exhaustive music and dance library, to raise the standard of youngsters by organising concerts with combination of senior and junior artists, conducting congregational singing in corporation schools and creating an exclusive website on educative aspects of fine arts, Paalam will also utilize the web technology by organizing virtual school and web- casting lectures and other educative programmes through the net.

To cater to the needs of senior citizens, students and rasikas all over the world, Paalam has devised a unique "52 week webcast project" wherein on all Sundays in the week, a music, dance or drama will be webcast for the benefit of all art lovers. This will enable rasikas to be connected to the arts and also appreciate it better. This can be viewed at - www.paalam.in/tv

For further details email to us at : paalamconnect@gmail.com info@paalam.in