Music Appreciation Programme

The music appreciation programme has been devised as a structured course where the rasikas will be guided to understand the fundamentals of Karnatic music in a simple way. The idea is to enlighten them about the music system and the concert structure so that they understand and appreciate it better.

Day session

In this programme, a particular subject related to Karnatic music is taken and presented in a lecture – demonstration format. Contemporary subjects which are useful and informative for rasikas of music are elucidated and it is followed by interactive session with audience,. Some such topics covered  include – Understanding Ragas, kalpita sangitam and its forms, manodharma sangita,  tamil composers, Trimurthy vaibhavam ( exploring the musical beauty of the compositions of Tyagaraja, Dikshitar, Shyama sastri, musical beauty in Papanasam Sivan’s compositions, Mudhras in music compositions, Navarathnangal ( tribute to nine salient karnatic music composers),  the kritis and its forms, understanding layam & talam etc.

The purpose of this programme is to take different subjects related to karnatic music and explain in detail about them to rasikas.

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Full time programme

Weeklong programme ( 2 hours per day) – In this, there are 7  sessions  of two hours duration daily.  
2 full day session – This is a day long programme for two days ( Saturday & Sunday)  from 9a.m to 5p.m In the above sessions, a complete sketch about Karnatic music is presented and the rasikas get to have a broad idea about how and what to appreciate in a concert. It gives them an idea of how the Karnatic music system works and what its salient features are. The topics covered include – what is music, benefits of music, types of music, raga and tala structure, compositional forms, concert structure,  creativity in concerts , role of accompaniments , methods of identifying ragas etc.

The idea of this programme is to give a broad overview of Karnatic music and its salient features to rasikas so that they get a glimpse of what it actually encompasses.

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