One Day Seminar on ‘Talas and Talavadhyas – Jun 1998

The morning session had a Panel Discussion on the topic ‘Role of Percussion in Concerts’. The panelists included N.V.Subramaniam, K.S.Kalidas, T.R.Subramaniam, Vijay Siva, Sowmya & V.Suresh.
Other topics covered were – Making of mridangam: Slide show – Description by T.V.Vasan, K.S.Kalidas &  J.Vaidhyanathan followed by Mridangam Solo in Kanda chapu by J.Vaidyanathan, Making of Ghatam: Slide Show -Description by T.V.Vasan followed by solo in Rupaka Talam by A.S.Shankar,
Making of Kanjira: Slide Show – Description by B.S.Purushotham followed by solo in Misra Chapu Talam, Making of Moharsing : Slide Show – Description by A.S.Krishnan followed by solo in Adi Talam.

Demonstration on Kuraippu, Mohara and Korvai by J.Vaidhyanathan(Mrudangam), B.S.Purushotham(Kanjira), A.S.Krishnan(Moharsing) followed. Talas in Film Music was presented by by B.Balasubramaniam. A very interesting demonstration on Talas across the three classical systems – Carnatic, Hindustani and Western by Sriram Parasuram marked the grand finale.

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